Conversational Texting: Converse with your clients the way they desire!

70% of your clients and prospects prefer texting over calling. Implement Conversational Texting TODAY!

Use Conversational Texting to Engage Customers Quick & Easy

Interact with your customers the way they prefer — texting. See how our easy-to-use software helps improve customer responsiveness and satisfaction for your clients

Your Buyers & Prospects Love Texting

Texting is Fast, Easy & Convenient - it's instant; yet not disruptive. Also, it is straight to the point interactions that don't require anyone to install any new applications.

74% of consumers have zero unread text messages and respond to a business texts within an hour.

Moreover, consumers these days consider texting to be the preferred method of communication. Most of them ignore picking up calls from businesses. 

75% of consumers feel frustrated when they can't reply to a business with a text. 

Skyrocket your conversion rate with conversational texting

Which Subject Heading will get more leads?

1. Business A: With only "CALL ME" option  

2. Business B: With both "CALL ME" & "TEXT ME" option 

Obviously the second one, as it caters to 78% of the consumers who prefer texting over the other modes of communication.

Manage Your Clients & Increase Your Retention Rate with Conversational Texting 

Whether you are a real estate brokerage, E-Commerce store, law firm or beauty salon, your existing clients want you to text regarding service-related matters.

Latest research indicates that nearly 98% of the clients will answer your text within an hour!

How to Text - Enable My Landline

Q/Digital Media uses the most advanced technology in market, encompassing more than 30 Direct A2P carrier connections, through which businesses can not only send but also receive texts using their already-existing business landlines, VoIP phone numbers or toll-free numbers.

Text-enabling your landline will take about a day and no work on your end is needed. So just sit back and relax while we handle it for you.

Incredible texting features for all business sizes

Create easy-to-use templates – Send instant standard messages over and over again with easy-to-create text templates.

Pricing and FAQ

What's the conversational texting pricing structure?

Our services begin at $50 per month. The pricing structure is dependent on the number of team members and the features you'd like to enable.

Can I connect my CRM with conversational texting platform?

Absolutely! We use both Zapier and a dedicated API. Also, we will be providing you with a Click-To-Text embed, prompting your website visitors to text you directly from your website.

I have already implement live chat on my website? Is Conversational Texting even necessary?

While live chat is a great feature, there's nothing better than conversational texting. 

To connect with you, your audience will have to head over to your website and begin a conversation. Whereas, with conversational texting, all they need to do is drop you a text and they'll be up and running within a few moments.

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Conversational texting is the way to go.

Text-enabling your landline will help you skyrocket your conversion rate, as you will be interacting with your customers they way they prefer. 

So, what are you waiting for?

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